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Archives on the history of Dravida Pervai which promoted thinking beyond galaxies and propagated a cosmic culture to unify mankind and the seeds of the party’s ideology remains hidden in the writings of N.Nandhivarman , General Secretary  who started writing from 1964 and continues till date in English and Tamil dailies and magazines, apart from numerous  books

The ideology of the Party: Socialism called as Annaism   Dravida Peravai is a socialist party, which it describes as Annaism. "A world without beggar's outstretched palm, the miser's heartless stony stare, the piteous wail of want, the pallid face of crime,  the livid lips of lies, the cruel eyes of scorn, a race without disease of flesh or brain, A land where life lengthens, fear dies, joy deepens, love intensifies and man regains his dignity, is what Aringnar Anna dreamt of and Annaism stands for" says the party manifesto.

Aringnar Anna, the founder of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, parent party of Dravida Peravai, spoke about the ideals while delivering the convocation address in Annamalai University. Those words were chosen to describe Annaism, as a socialist ideology suitable to Indian soil.[Date of Formation: 15.02.1996. Registration with  Election Commission of India 25.10.1996.] 

 Objectives of the Party:  Dravida Peravai is for complete nuclear disarmament and moral re-armament. It strives for pooling the knowledge of science and technology for eradicating poverty, disease, illiteracy from the face of Earth. It aims towards a quest all over galaxies for betterment of humanity and all living creatures on Earth. For ending speculative economics it moots evolving of single global currency for knitting the economies of the countries and continents together. 

Code of Conduct: The rules and regulations of Dravida Peravai registered with Election Commission of India contains a code of conduct for party functionaries. a] A party functionary must be proficient in Thirukural and must be secular in outlook. b] A party functionary must consider " Every country is my country, Everyone is my kinsmen" as Poet Kaniyan Poongundranaar says. In short galaxial thinking pushing the borders of human consciousness is the single most important duty of the party functionary. 

On the 19th year of party formation on 26.10.2015 the path for future campaigns had already been spelt in 150 Television talks ,books, articles in English media. A bird’s eye view of the pictures shown in television speeches will throw some light on the ideals ...

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